Baseline Testing

So I had my baseline testing today.

I weigh exactly the same as I did three months ago. (meh)
My waist is exactly the same size. (boooo)
My hips are bigger than they were three months ago. (bummer)
My chest is bigger than it was three months ago. (Idk how I feel about this one.)
I got confident enough to run on the treadmill in front of people.
I ran an 11 minute mile instead of 14.
I could do 11 proper push ups instead of 0. I literally could not do one single push up three months ago.
I could do 13 push ups on my knees instead of 7.
I can plank for over a minute vs 10 seconds.
More flexibility.
My resting heart rate is lower.
I lost 1 1/2 inch off my thighs.
I lost 1/4 inch in my arms.
I feel so. much. better.

My next baseline will be in 3-6 months and here are my goals:

My focus will be on running because I’d like to complete a 5k before the year is over.
7-8 minute mile and/or 3.2 miles at a 4.8-5.0 pace. 
25 push ups.
5 minute plank.
Lose more inches.
Eat less pasta. (Oops!)
Keep my 30 day streak going on MFP.

This is a slow process. Don’t get discouraged just because the scale isn’t moving. There are all kinds of changes happening that you might not see on the surface. Keep going!

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